fabric alholics!
I'm pretty sure I have a problem!  Ok, I'm pretty sure I have lots of problems!  Quit snickering Dana, we are only talking about my fabric problem at the moment :)

I have sent my sewing machine and serger in to be serviced, it was past due.  So I decided it was a good time to clean, yes CLEAN the sewing room.  And not just vacuum, I mean haul most the stuff out of the room and sort it like in clean sweep style in a way.  I had a ton of boxes in the crawl space ( which you can stand up in and walk around in).  That access is in the sewing room.  So most the extra fabric is in there.  Im sure it isnt the best place for the fabric but it is at least not hot like the attic. 

So after pulling the flip lid bins from the sewing room (hauled them into the garage), and as many as I could get to in the crawl space, I counted them.  22 bins of fabric!  Yep, I said 22.  Now in all fairness, one has yarn in it, one has crochet thread in it, and one has batting in it.  So it is really 19 bins of fabric.  So I am telling myself :)  I sew all kinds of things and give tons away as gifts.  I sew clothes for my kids.  I sew fabric dolls for my kids and as gifts.  I sew clothes for American Girl Dolls for my daughter and my neice.  I have made hats, scarves, etc.  I sew SCA costumes too. And not just for myself.  I sew for a few families in the SCA.   Becasue of this wide range of stuff, I have a wide range of types of fabric.  Everything from muslin, wool, fleece, to a ton of calico and everything in between too!  Ah, and the linen, cant forget that.

I shouldve taken a pic of the room before because it was quite scary.  But I have pics of the piles of bins and the piles of fabric.  I have opened every box that I pulled out.  I have sorted through them.  Decided to get rid of some, kept lots of others.  I have made a book with a swatch of each fabric in it and how much yardage it is.  Fabric is sorted by type too.  Kinda fun to look at it all!  My neighbor has stolen some, and I give willingly.  Dana has decided she needed some too, and I give willingly there too.  If I know it will be made into something fun, I always share.

So after much sorting and measuring.  I am down to 16 boxes total!  Not bad.  That means I have either tossed or donated 6 boxes worth!  I measured it out in an estimate sort of way.  It equals about 44 yards of fabric!  And that doenst take into account the stuff I just threw away (a whole garbage bag full I believe, the husband grabbed it and put it out with the garbage before I could change my mind!)   Someone will have a good time in our local Good Will.  (I am guilty of buying fabric there myself).

I still have more work to do too.  There is a couple unidentifiable boxes in the crawl space that I am sorta afraid to open.  Not sure what will pop out!  There is some stuff stashed in the sewing room in corners too.  I havent even opened the dresser in the sewing room, but it is pretty well organized.  I havent tackled the books, beads, or scrap booking items either.  I will get there!  The sewing machine and serger dont come back until next Wednesday :)

When you see me next, for those who know me, ask me this questions "what are you going to make with that fabric?"  and "when do you intend on making it?"  And if i dont have a good answer, just tell me NO NO NO NO NO!  I might stick out my tongue and give you a raspberry, but at least you tried.

I would like to add pics.  As soon as I figure that out I will :)


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